Are Midwest Dog Crates the Best Value?            


Midwest Dog CratesBefore you go out and buy a dog crate, read this review...A dog crate can be a fundamental necessity for quite a few dogs and specially a city dog. Crate coaching is very basic and can be a positive experience for a dog.

New puppies have a tendency to view their crate as their dwelling and train and adjust easily. Crates are fantastic for senior dogs when they turn out to be a bit senile when left alone.

Midwest Dog Crate Features   

  icrate a lightweight economy crate with a lighter wire gauge.

  Life Stages Life stages crate...most popular crate with heavier gauge wire and capabilities.

  Ultima Pro Ultima the strongest model with heaviest Gauge Steel Construction.

  two & three door crates Two and 3 door crates...are excellent selections for placing in rooms and vehicle loading.

  crate doors Door is big enough so dogs do not have to duck their heads when entering the crate.

  Ovation Ovation Single Door Crate with Up & Away additional flexibility.

  Midwest Portable crates arrive in a flat box and are incredibly easy to assemble without tools.

  Midwest Crate lies flat for storage under couch or in your automobile.

  Midwest Quick setup and breakdown are unique attributes for Midwest Dog Crates.

  Midwest Select drop-pin units for stay in place crates….6 separate panels joined with pins

  Midwest Two strong ABS plastic handles make it easy to transport.

  Midwest Safety Dual latches provide unique engineering capabilities.

  Midwest Solid black e-coated steel wire is sturdy and easy to clean.

Some Negative Comments 

The Midwest Dog Crates have a brilliant design at a really competitive price, but over the years, the quality of materials has been compromised in order to control rising costs.

The workmanship is not always up to the standards that Midwest is known for. All of Midwest Dog Crates are now made in China...the main office is in Muncie, Indiana.

You should examine your unit carefully to make sure there are no flaws or sharp points that can harm your dog. Midwest crates are still an extremely good value with sturdy construction for a mid size dog crate.

The negative comments should not be a deal breaker as I believe this is still the best value for your dollar. Midwest Dog crates have unique state of the art capabilities that are not offered by other suppliers.


The icrate can be a fine for an average doggie, but if your pet has separation issues, or tends to have rowdy behavior, I would go for the Lifestages or Ultima Pro models with the heavier steel gauge construction.

Read the suggested size recommended crates carefully and make sure you agree with the conclusions for your dog. Before you place your order, measure the space it will occupy to make sure it will fit.

Innovation is the real key to the success of Midwest Dog Crates and may be the main reason they are the leaders in "Homes for Pets".

Where to Buy Your Midwest Dog Crate 

Best way to purchase and save is buy online. You will pay more at retail pet supply stores.


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