Dog Travel

Traveling with your dog can create many issues that must be overcome. You need to do good research and be prepared for many challenges.


dog travel 


Travel Preparations

travel Visit your veterinarian for a complete examination within 2 weeks before traveling.
 Be certain that your dog has all required vaccines.
 Bring all health and vaccine documents with you.
 Take along a secure collar and ID tag.
 Bring sufficient quantities of necessary dog food.
 Have bowls for food and water.
 Take bottles of water for times when water is not available.
 Have bedding, favorite toys and necessary leashes.
 Take steps to make sure your dog has been treated for ticks and fleas.
 Bring any required dog medication that applies to your pet.
 Take a dog crate or carrier to ensure the safety of your pet.

Traveling by plane

In the USA, it is estimated that over 500,000 pets travel by plane each year. This figure also claims that 160 million plus people travel by air. Flying with a pet can be expensive and complicated. You must do your research as the rules do vary from airline to airline. The conditions and requirements for pet carriers must conform to the "airline rules" for traveling with pets. The rules for flying as cargo or in the cabin must be according to the airline's stated policies.

Getting a plane ticket for your dog will require more advanced planning. The airlines have certain restrictions for flying in extreme high or low temperatures. In recent years, there are new federal rules that now govern the requirements for the airline industry. These new guidelines can cause you additional problems that must be solved. The most important issue is your dogs safety.

Every airline has their own rules for pet travel. Some have dog embargo rules that restrict travel during certain times of the year. There are some airlines that do not accept pets and you must rely on certain types of carriers or a company that specializes in animal transport.

International Travel for Dogs

If you are going to travel with your dog internationally, you must be prepared for many additional complex regulations.

Every country has its own rules and requirements for allowing pets into their country.  Many of these regulations are concerning health issues. Rabies is considered one of the main concerns and countries that are considered rabies-free, seem to have the most strict policies on allowing pets into their countries.

It will be necessary for you to do your research well in advance of your trip abroad.  You should contact the U.S. Department of Agriculture - Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service: . 

This agency will be able to provide you with current guidelines for specific countries.  You also can contact the Ministry of Agriculture in the countries that you want to travel to. 
Laws concerning pet travel are always changing as some countries can even ban certain breeds. You need to make sure all your information is current so that you can be sure that your dog will be allowed into the countries you will be traveling to.

Pet friendly Hotels

There are many hotels in the USA as well as international locations that are listed as "Pet Friendly".  Many Inns, Bed & Breakfast places and Lodges do allow pets.  Many also have special pet vacation packages. Good research prior to your trip is certainly a requirement.

Etiquette Tips for your traveling dog

The behavior of your dog can have an effect on other travelers.  Many previous "pet friendly" hotels, no longer accept pets due to the misbehavior of previous pet owners.

 Do not take a dog that is not trained or tends to be bark or misbehave.
 Never arrive at a hotel without making prior arrangements for your pet.
 Make sure you carry good identification, records and a photo of your dog.
 Bring doggy bags, toys, blankets and grooming equipment and his favorite food.
 Always put your dog on a leash when you leave your hotel room.
 When leaving your room, make sure your dog is secure and not able to dash out.


Our world population is changing in many ways.  More people have pets and they become their "furry children" and they are traveling with them in increasing numbers.  The job of managing interstate or international travel and finding pet-friendly accommodations can become a real challenge.

The amount of paperwork required for traveling with a pet between countries can be enormous.  Pet owners that cannot imagine a trip or a relocation to another country without their pets can now locate a "pet travel agent". Owners of pets who just do not want the hassle for a simple trip can let a pet travel agent take over the headaches.

Just what can a pet travel agent do for you?  The vast amount of paperwork and planning to take your pet across borders can be a complex job.  The signature, records, airline regulations and many other requirements can be a real issue and one mistake could keep your "furry friend" from making the trip.  The pet travel agent can manage all these details for you and make sure all the ducks are in the right place.

The Independent Pet Animal Transportation Association International tells us that the pet travel industry has a growth rate of about 20% per year.  Thousands of pets travel by plane each year and when you use a professional pet shipper you can be confident that everything is being done right. The price is not cheap, as a domestic door-to-door service could cost as much as $1500 to $1700 per pet.  Animal lovers might think this is worth it as their "furry children" will travel with them without problems.

If you have a big trip planned or a relocation to another area, you might want to investigate the possibility of working with a good pet travel agent. This might be just the answer to make sure you beloved pet is well taken care of and arrives happy and healthy....

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